• Arts & Education Tile Making Class

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    Arts & Education Tile Making Class

    by Brandi Bruggman 

    This two-part class gives students a unique experience in the fun of Tile Making and Painting.

    This class provides students with knowledge about Tile.  From ancient to modern day production techniques to application.  Students learn to mix Gypsum Cement and form tiles by  pouring into molds.  Students return after tiles have set to learn abstract painting techniques.

    Each student makes a Tile to keep and a Tile to contribute toward a Collective Art Installation.  Each student also receives a Gypsum gift!

    Tiles made by students are then taken back to the studio, where they are sealed, cut, and set into a permanent Art Installtion for their school or community to keep and display.

    Class Price is based on number of students participating and Art Installation cost.  Pricing quoted covers approximately 110 Students.  Pricing is specific to individual class.  

    We are happy to assist in the grant writing process.

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