Custom Mural Window Painting for Roaring Brook Ranch

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Design & Window Painting for Animal Room at Roaring Brook Ranch

Hand-painted Acrylic Mural by Brandi Bruggman.  
Encompasses 6 Windows in the Animal Room.
Painting theme: A walk through the forest
Approximate Painting Duration: 5 days

I chose this theme to tie into the natural landscape surrounding Roaring Brook Ranch, the beloved Adirondack Park.  The forest green trees were chosen to compliment the all-wood huntsman themed room.  

Acrylic Painting on Glass is Temporary. However, when finish coated with a matte finish sealer window painting on glass can remain looking new for many years.  Sealing the paint allows the mural to be able to be touched as well as cleaned with a damp cloth.  

Sealer included.

Mock-Up Design Approved.