• Pharaoh Mountain Wilderness


    Pharaoh Lake Mountain Wilderness Landscape Oil Painting 

    2' by 5' (61cm x 152cm)

    Original Oil Painting on Birch Veneer Plywood by Brandi Bruggman.

    This is painting Number 12 in a series of works dedicated to the beautiful New York State Adirondacks. 

    The painting’s subject matter was inspired by a hike in Pharaoh Lake Mountain Wilderness on December 25, 2015.

    This piece was painted with the highest quality oil paints from Grumbacher and Winsor & Newton. These paints give the painting luster and will last for centuries. Painted for durability on Birch Veneer Plywood, it won't tear or ever need restretching like canvas alternatives. 

    The painting is displayed in a Custom Built Mahogany Frame by FrameAndFineArt.Com. Made from 6 quarter wood and with a 3.5" face this frame is sturdy and elegant. You won't fined frame work like this. The joints are glued and doweled for decor. A light Mahogany with Tung Oil was chosen to accentuate its Adirondack feel. The plywood is set with corrosion resistant cabinet screws and the back side is polyurethaned to display the birch wood grain. Corrosion resistant coated hanging hardware is installed. 

    This painting truly has the feel of looking through a window into the Serene Adirondack Mountains.

    Currently on exhibit at Base Camp Outfitter’s Art Gallery in Killington, Vermont.